Multichannel customer relationship: a concept with multiple benefits
Multichannel customer relationship: a concept with multiple benefits

Multichannel customer relationship: a concept with multiple benefits

BSS 28/12/2017 Various

The multichannel customer relationship is an area for which the design and implementation of a suitable strategy is a necessity. However, if the policy is well thought out and applied, the benefits will be significant.

The benefits of multi-channel customer relationship

The multichannel customer relationship primarily allows the company to simplify communication with consumers and customers. "Multichannel" refers to the use of all the means of dissemination of information currently available and adapted for professional use. If in the past, companies did not have many choices with sales outlets, (fixed) telephones, various agencies and mail, today, the number of channels made available to them by technological developments has revolutionized their morals in this area. With internet and mobile telephony, social networks, new possibilities have emerged. The proximity to customers is optimized because the vast majority of them also have access to these means of communication.

Most companies show a real satisfaction with the multichannel strategy. This allows a saving of time and considerable money. The major marketers realize that nowadays customers communicate directly with digital tools: email, chat, web portals, mobile messaging and social networks. We must adapt to it if we want to develop its turnover. However, implementing a multi-channel customer relationship strategy needs to be designed with the needs of customers and the demands of business activities in mind to be effective.

Multichannel management communication

The multichannel approach has developed in a relatively short time, but has already found its place in the marketing strategies of young companies. It applies most often in the multichannel customer relationship. It is therefore a big challenge to stand out from the competition.

In a global way, customers expect special treatment and require top quality of service. They also ask for someone willing to answer their question simultaneously. It actually means that the human relationship should not be neglected. It is the responsibility of the counselors to guide their interlocutors to give them accurate information.

The multichannel customer relationship has the principle of maintaining, on a continuous basis, the customer-company contact.