Telecom and Media

Customer Relationship Management in Telecom and Media

In the field of communications (Media and Telecoms) -a very dynamic and competitive field- the percentage of the membership rate undergoes a regression either to change the provider or to migrate to a more interesting offer. If we take into account the relaxation of purchasing power, we realize that the investors of this field are leading to highlight the quality of their services offered while playing on diversification and cost reduction in order to keep their places on the market.

For this fact, it is necessary to react on the behavior of each customer and to solicit his interest to be able to generate income. One needs then a conduct which makes it possible to spread out its list of prospect and to emphasize the services proposed.

What role does call center outsourcing play in the communication sector ?

The rapid growth of this sector requires a developed and multichannel marketing strategy with a high degree of knowledge that BS-solutions provides you with professionalism and knowledge in this field. We offer outsourcing solutions for your call center, based on intelligent technology and well-diversified skills. We have a consistent quality of treatment which is flexible to your expectations.

We aim for good customer support and sustainable loyalty. BS-solutions, expert in the management of the customer relationship especially in the media-telecom sector, acts on the optimization of each contact by taking good advantage of interpreting your brand image and minimizing your costs.

BS-Solutions offers several solutions in the Telecom and Media sector such as :

  • Claims processing
  • Telesales and additional sales
  • Qualification of files
  • Customer service
  • Making appointments
  • Prospection
  • Order tracking
  • Mail processing
  • User support
Customer Relationship Management in Telecom and Media