Technical Assistance

Managing your outsourced technical support hotline

An outsourced service of tailor-made technical assistance

Whatever your professional sector or the constraints related to your field of activity, Business Service Solution optimizes the management of your customer relationship by offering tailor-made technical assistance solutions that adapt perfectly to your needs.

In our offshore call center, our support experts provide and support the delivery of outsourced technical support to your internal and external customers to solve or prevent any type of technical malfunctions and this, whatever the technical problems related to your field of exploitation.

Outsourced technical support for your performance

The technical assistance service mobilizes the expertise of our team of support technicians specializing in multichannel customer relations to enable you to:

  • reduce your operating costs by limiting on-site interventions
  • take care of your brand image with your customers
  • improve your quality of service and retain your customers

Quality outsourced helpdesk support

Our offshore call center offers a multilingual hotline technical support for incoming calls on several levels of skills (Level1, Level 2, etc.) centralized for:

  • end-to-end treatment
  • optimum efficiency
  • Reduced resolution times

Our customer support technician’s experts guarantee:

  • A thorough diagnosis of the technical problems encountered by your customers
  • A treatment according to your requirements
  • The resolution of anomalies as quickly and in the best conditions

Benefit of outsourced technical assistance:

Entrusting your customer support to a call center for technical assistance will allow you to:

  • Refocus on your high added value activities
  • Optimize your customer experience with quality phone support
  • Stay closer to your customers by meeting their support needs 24/7
  • Assist them in solving all the technical problems even the most complex

Whether you want to outsource the management of your customer service, Your hotline or service or entrust your on-call service to experts in the multi-channel customer relationship, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form and request a free quote.