Financial service

Outsourcing Customer Relationship Management in Finance

The financial market is notably in high growth facing a mechanical evolution of technology. It should be noted that each transition on accommodation implies a growth in the purchasing power. It is therefore important to know how to manage the flow of your recipes in all efficiency and security.

1. Our position as a Multichannel call center :

Continuous access to information is the most important benefit in remote customer relationship management. BS-Solutions, expert in customer relationship outsourcing, offers diversified offers in the financial services sector.

2. Why we choose us ?

We guarantee you a perfect support of your customers as well as an enhancement of your novelties. Our team will be responsible for building customer loyalty and deploying a concrete marketing strategy with a well-trained team in your industry.

3. Provided services

  • Consumer service
  • Prospecting and project detection
  • Retention
  • Support by chat
  • Claims processing
  • Mail processing
  • Qualification of files
Outsourcing Customer Relationship Management in Finance