Telesales and additional sales

Telesales and additional sales: Convert your prospects and boost your turnover

Need to boost your sales and convert your most recalcitrant prospects into customers without increasing your sales expenses?

Telesales not only allows you to increase the number of your customers but also to maintain a constant and fruitful customer relationship with your existing customers.

Along with telemarketing activities as well as telemarketing operations aimed at surveying the needs of your customers and prospects and building loyalty, telesales is a commercial activity in itself. It involves selling your products or services over the phone to your customers or prospects whether they are qualified or unskilled.

Because everything is done over the phone, our sedentary business experts in the distance selling business will know how to convince and convert your most undecided prospects but also generate more sales from your customers.

With B to B and B TO C outsourced business solutions from Business and Services Solutions, multiply your revenue, build customer loyalty and stay on top of a sale.

Our telesales solutions and additional sales

At Business and Services Solutions we assist you in optimizing your sales efforts and in acquiring new customers by offering bespoke telesales services. Much more than a telemarketing call center, we bring you all our expertise in customer relationship outsourcing to support and advise you throughout the implementation of your telesales actions through:

  • The selection and targeting of your prospects
  • Support for your prospect databases
  • The choice of the customer file or the base prospects to exploit
  • The writing of scripts and sales pitches
  • The selection of the most successful telemarketers on the market
  • Training, coaching and upgrading of the team of telemarketers
  • The enrichment of your customer database
  • Retention and retention of your customers
  • The daily dispatch of a sales report and indicators of follow-up and commercial performance
  • Current operations management and transparent follow-up

Benefits of BSS Outsourced Telesales Campaigns

By optimizing your sales force budget and avoiding unnecessary travel costs for your sales people, distance selling is the perfect way to save time, money and maximize the profitability of your marketing campaigns and plans. commercial actions. In addition to reducing the costs allocated to your commercial budget, outsourced telesales offers many other advantages, namely:

  • A gain in commercial efficiency: compared to direct or physical sales, telesales offers the possibility of generating a much higher customer conversion rate in a very short time
  • Savings in selection costs, recruitment, training and animation of sales teams
  • An improvement of your brand image with your prospects or customers thanks to the professionalism of the sedentary salesmen
  • The ability to centralize, control, master and supervise all performance data your telesales campaigns almost instantaneously and continuously
  • A gain in flexibility because outsourced telesales adapts not only to your budget to the importance of your campaign but also to your objectives and your agenda with the possibility of setting up one-time or simultaneous operations

Our strengths: the expertise of our team of qualified telemarketers

A successful B2B or B2C telesales or telemarketing campaign depends on the expertise of telemarketers and the quality of sales pitches. For this reason, we make a point of selecting the best telemarketers for their dynamism, enthusiasm, persuasiveness and developed customer sense. Through proven sales techniques, recognized know-how and know-how with our customers, our telesales and sales team is results-oriented. She will make every effort to convert your prospects into a client, regardless of their profile. Thanks to a simplified contact and more targeted calls our teams of experts in remote sales will make you more efficient while ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. To ensure a maximum customer conversion rate, at BSS, our team of telemarketers will know:

  • Identify the needs of your customers and prospects
  • Discover and understand their objections
  • Exceed their objections, arouse their interest and convince them to buy your products and services
  • Build customer loyalty

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