Outsourcing: What a multilingual call center can do for your business ?
Outsourcing: What a multilingual call center can do for your business ?

Outsourcing: What a multilingual call center can do for your business ?

BSS 11/11/2019 Outsourcing

What does it take for your business to become globally competitive? If you want to transcend frontiers to become globally competitive or expand your brand‘s reputation reach, you need to have more than just high quality products and services!

In order to successfully increase your profits and widen you businesses reach, you must go where your customers are by providing a multichannel range of support services. But first and foremost, you must speak your customer’s language!

With multilingual customer support services, foreign language speaking customers can now interact with your brand in the language that is most confortable to them. It can be whether in their native language or in their second foreign language!

Fortunately, several call center outsourcing multilingual platforms Business Service Solutions, are currently available to provide quality BtoB and BtoC services.

But, what the stakes are in providing you’re your customers with a multilingual support service? What’s a multilingual outsourcing call center? What are the main benefits of entrusting to multilingual call center outsourcing services for your business?

Why providing multilingual call center support is so important for your business?

You may have at least once as an e-commerce site or company deploying an internationalization strategy, had trouble responding to a customer request formulated in a foreign language. Today online services are aimed at customers in hundreds of countries at the same time.

Due to the acceleration of technological progress, digitalization, new communication technologies and the increased development of competition, customer experience has now become the sinews of war for competing companies. It emerged that in almost all territories speed of response is the main individual factor in customer satisfaction, so quick response is taking on a new importance.

Several companies have therefore grasped the need to outsource part of their activities to a specialized service provider.  Besides offering a real business opportunity, providing support to clients or prospects in their native language became a real necessity to constantly deliver great customer experience.

Multilingual customer support service provided by outsourcing call centers, offer a powerful competitive advantage in dealing with competitors regardless of the company's field of activity or the type of products and services marketed.

What is a multilingual call center outsourcing service provider?

A multilingual outsourcing call center literally designates an outsourcing call center that provides services in several languages.

However, having a multilingual contact service at your client’s disposal is not in anyways a sufficient condition for establishing a successful a stellar customer experience. As the domain affects the customer relationship, the call center must, in addition to the language, master customer relationship management, both in oral and written communication.

Similarly, given the evolution of information systems and technology, an effective cannot ignore multichannel. Since multilingual call centers must be multi-channel, customer support should be able to master all communication media such as oral communication via phone, internet, verbal and professional communication with emails, but also direct chats, communications via mobile apps, social networks and how they work, etc.

Thus, if the multilingual and multichannel dimension must be present, a multilingual contact center must not neglect the main missions of a customer service.

Since customer services have a large share of technical support, they should have a multilingual team that is trained on end-user requirements as well as the technical part of the products offered by the partner companies.

What benefits that can provide multilingual call center outsourcing services like ours? 

The results of providing your customers with multilingual call center customer services can lead to:

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Dependable customer loyalty and retention
  • An amazing increase in sales and revenues
  • A solid marketing strategy leading to a larger client bases expansion

Business & Service Solutions, as an initially French based language call center became throughout the last years a leading provider of multilingual business solutions for companies from all over the world. Our customers come from all regions across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Business & Service Solutions can be your partner too and help boost your bottom line increased customer engagement. In fact, as a trusted all around outsourcing call center of both multiservice and multichannel business solution we also provide multilingual support for customers all over the world.

As one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platforms in Tunisia, Business Service Solutions has successfully gathered the best call center resources in North Africa when it comes to technology, innovative outsourcing processes and up to date skills and knowhow in both customer and digital supports service management.

Besides our long experience in this field, we provide our partners with rich full multilingual professionals who are ready to assist your business today! Operating from our strategic location in Tunisia, Business & Service Solutions can deliver 24/7 customer service and technical support in more than 12 of the most widely used languages from all over the globe: ​​

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • German
  • Arabic and more….

 We deliver a multilingual customer service of an exceptional quality so as to guarantee a customer satisfaction and constantly high customer retention!

So wherever your customers may be or whatever language they may speak, Business Service Solutions can equip your business with exceptional customer service to support your global clientele!

So whether your business already has a multinational presence or if your brand is now expanding, Business & Service Solutions can help you extend your reach! Let’s talk about your new multilingual and multichannel customer service together!