Claims management

Customer Claims Management

If one of your customers is dissatisfied with a product, a service or does not find it on line with his expectations, he can express his dissatisfaction in different ways and through different communication channels. The customer can either express it orally:

  • Within your points of sale
  • By telephone, with your customer service, your after-sales service

Or in writing via:

  • Mail
  • Online or by chat or mail
  • On the internet by posting his opinion on platforms for collecting customer reviews, forums or on social networks

A dissatisfied customer may also not know, just not renew his purchase and turn to the competition. If he does not find a way to contact your customer service or if he simply does not find a contact to collect, manage and process his claim quickly, it will be all the more irritated.

The reputation and image of a brand will be quickly sanctioned if it does not give the importance to the management of customer complaints.

The background knowledge of the offshore call center of Bs-solution guarantees an attentive customer service, a fast and efficient handling of the complaints of your customers. Because the customer experience is essential, our asset is to ensure the constant satisfaction of your customers.

The importance of properly managing your customer complaints

Customer complaint management is an essential element to establish good customer relationship management, increase customer satisfaction and retain it. Like the implementation of customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaint management is a process that is at the end of the sales cycle and, as a result, companies tend to ignore its importance. now crucial and rely instead on their sales force.

Even if the acquisition of new customers is an essential stake for the performance and the growth of a brand, the service obligation and the accompaniment of the customer throughout its consumer journey are crucial elements to look after its customer relationship. , increase buyer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The establishment of a customer complaint management service is also at the heart of international recommendations in terms of quality of customer relationship management. At BSS we comply with the highest standards of quality of service and customer relationship management.

As an offshore call center specialist in remote customer relationship management services, we demonstrate the reliability of our quality of service management processes every day. Moreover, we have obtained the ISO 9001 Certification since March 2014 and the QC100 TQM Total Quality Management certification in 2016.

Our customer complaint service offer: a comprehensive and complete approach

Our customer complaint service offer: a comprehensive and complete approach With the constant aim of increasing the value of the customer experience vis-à-vis our partner brands, at Business and Services Solutions as specialists in remote customer relationship management we offer our customers solutions full support of their customer service by including the management of remote customer complaints.

For this purpose, at BSS we offer a complete range of outsourced customer and retention services including:

And this, including an outsourced management offer of your customer complaint service.

In addition, being aware that our customers are becoming more and more international and especially the multidimensional nature of the current communication channels through which customers now express themselves, we have developed a customer service management strategy. By setting up a multilingual and multichannel call center (telephone, chat, email, internet and social networks) in order to offer our customers an optimal and complete support of their customer complaint.

We rely on the speed and responsiveness of our teams

A poorly treated claim increases the risk of seeing your customers leave. However, the majority of dissatisfied customers return to the brand if their problem has been resolved quickly or if a relevant response has been provided as soon as possible.

At BSS we place two key orders at the heart of our outsourced customer complaint management strategy:

  • The rapidity
  • The reactivity

So we place them as key drivers of customer satisfaction and take advantage of our expertise and cumulative experience in customer relationship preventive actions and corrective necessary to improve and maintain the quality of customer service at levels of excellence.

We strive to quickly resolve all types of claims through:

  • The responsiveness of our advisors
  • The constant availability of our team
  • Quick support by our expert customer relations advisors for your customer complaints
  • An optimal quality of service based on active listening, courtesy, empathy and result oriented

The different stages of treatment of your customer complaint

Our outsourced customer complaint management process therefore essentially consists of three steps, namely:

  1. Receive, register, communicate and take care of all complaints Our teams of dedicated advisors quickly take care of any complaint expressed by the customer whether by phone, mail, chat or online on the internet to the service concerned. No complaint is ignored; any claim is taken care of. Indeed, thanks to our policy of pooling customer services, our operators, whatever their service, record the complaints encountered and immediately communicate them to the platform concerned.
  2. Analyze and process your customer's complaints The remote customer complaint management platform analyzes and processes your customer complaints in order to provide a quick and optimal solution to the customer's request so as to restore its satisfaction, regain its confidence and hold him back. For this purpose, each solution provided by our expert remote client complaint management advisors must be validated by the client. The crucial point of this step is to keep the client informed of the progress of the processing of his claim.
  3. Resolution of the customer complaint and corrective action Once the solution has been validated by the customer and resolved in full compliance with the requirements dictated by qualities of services, the customer complaint or the initial request may be closed. In the event that no solution satisfies the customer, the claim is reiterated and re-processed until it is resolved and closed. Customer service operators in charge of customer complaints will also have to think and propose appropriate corrective actions to avoid the same type of complaint being repeated.

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