Certificates Awards and Recognition

One of the main objectives of the company is to guarantee a high level of service quality and maximum customer satisfaction. This implies a constant commitment to the study and development of innovative solutions that can meet and anticipate the needs of customers and users.

Business and Services Solutions is constantly renewing its commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience. Our customer management is centered on values such as courtesy, fairness, impartiality, attention to needs, confidentiality and transparency. As an omnichannel and multilingual contact center, we ensure outstanding customer service across all customer touchpoints and in more than 12 languages.

We invest the time and resources that the customer needs to ensure reliable answers and guarantee total understanding of the contract and commercial offers. These principles allow establishing long-lasting relationships with customers, based on dialogue, collaboration and trust. As a specialist in the customer relationship management field, quality of service, performance and courtesy are fundamental elements of our daily practice and also of our company’s culture. We make sure that all of these values are well inscribed in the mindset of each of your agents and employees.

We strongly believe in quality of service, availability, listening and anticipating the customers’ needs and expectations. By adopting a continuous improvement approach based on the training and motivation of our staff, we managed to build a positive team filled with true family spirit. It is with this in mind, Business and Services Solutions has chosen to be periodically audited by renowned international organizations in order to attest the reliability of its quality management system. Please feel free to request our quality policy.

Quality Is Our Business Plan!