Data Moderation

What you have to gain by outsourcing the moderation of your data

Using an outsourced data moderator service to manage your website, forums, blogs, or chat services is essential for:

  • Ensure a good reputation online and protect your brand
  • Guarantee your users good browsing conditions on your site or interface
  • Preserve your users from security threats
  • Ensure that the content associated with your brand is appropriate and legal

Without moderation of content, your website or mobile service may be in violation, endanger the security of users, contain inappropriate words or images, or have flaws that impede the proper navigation of the site.

Using an outsourced content moderation team around your website or mobile service is an effective way to prevent legal problems and ensure that your image and your users are protected.

At Business and Services Solutions, our teams of multilingual data moderators who are experts in cybersecurity and content management are specially trained to assist you in your digital transformation projects by acting as the protector of your reputation.

Our data moderation services at BSS

If your website or mobile application contains a lot of user-uploaded and downloaded content, you will definitely need an expert data moderation offshore provider to ensure that your online content is consistently secure, lawful and appropriate.

The data moderation service of BSS will support the monitoring, control, regulation and correction of any type of content that may be associated with your brand on the internet:

  • Data exchanged by users: sensitive or private information
  • Publications and comments
  • Photos and videos
  • Links to other sites, spam
  • Articles and texts
  • Messages posted on your website, social networks, consumer forums or chat

Our data moderation experts will verify for you that users of your site comply with the general conditions of use that you have established and will ensure your e-reputation. Our expertise in the business makes us your essential ally to protect your data, your image and publications posted on your website.

Moderation of your data in the service of the customer experience

If most of your competitors use basic data such as sales history, or the number of customer calls as performance indicators of their quality of customer service, they tend to miss out on the importance of online customer relationship management, current issues of e-reputation and its impact on brand image.

Take a step ahead by calling on a multi-channel and multilingual offshore contact center expert in digital content management and data moderation to help you set up and implement your digitalization projects for your customer relationship.

Moderation of outsourced content does not constitute a full-fledged customer service, but an activity intended to heal your customer relationship management, retain your customers and protect your brand image. As a tool for monitoring and controlling interactions between your customers and you on the internet, data moderation can greatly help manage, heal and improve the customer experience.

Our offshore data moderation service, by monitoring and analyzing all user generated data, can help you:

  • Better understand the expectations, concerns and needs of your clients
  • Establish an effective competitive intelligence
  • Improve and personalize your service, delivery or product
  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers
  • Reassure and retain your customer

With a cumulative expertise in high added value customer services and fully aware that customers are now using multiple communication channels to interact with brands, at BSS we have integrated a multichannel dimension into our multi-service offering who uses all the current activities, means and tools of communication to help you to retain your customers and offer you a customized, complete and high quality service

Indeed, we propose to our customers to manage their customer relationship through the various contact channels namely:

  • Receiving and calling
  • The chat
  • The mails
  • Social media

In addition, at BSS we have adopted a global approach to remote customer relationship management by offering a service offering that is always more complete and diversified. Discover our full range of customer service: technical assistance, user support, after-sales service, order entry, telephone hotline, appointments and telesales etc. ...) and request your quote online!