Orders management

Customer order management: how to be effective?

Order management from the beginning till the end is essential to all aspects of the business. The successful management of order fulfillment is essential to ensure that the customer receives the service he or she has ordered in a timely manner.
This boosts customer satisfaction, triggers revenue recognition and is an important factor in reducing operating costs associated with late orders.

Business and services solutions support you in your projects of development of new markets on a national and international scale.
We offer you a wide range of offshore call center services to successfully outsource the management of your orders. Our project management team closely monitors operational efficiency measures, such as service level agreements, execution timeframe, and transaction accuracy.

Optimize order processing time and satisfy your customers

When your customers place orders, they want a predictable and timely arrival that keeps their promises when buying your product. More than anything, they do not want to be surprised. At BSS, we eliminate the unknown to ensure that your customers receive the goods they have ordered on time. Beyond a simple contact center, Business and services solutions offers a tailored customer relationship management service to increase your processing capacity, reduce your delivery times, control your costs and satisfy your customers through an efficient and dedicated team that has been put in place to ensure the proper synchronization between your various services and the after-sales service.

A development at Beyond Borders

With Business and services solutions, you also have a customer service for incoming and outgoing calls in Multilingual; this allows you to seize new opportunities for international development without worrying about language barriers or time differences. We provide for you an outsourced telephone hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why choose Business and services solutions for order outsourcing

We help customers identify and manage order exceptions and standardize the order management process. A reduction in pending orders leads to improved cycle times and revenue recognition. The result of order management at BSS is then a reduction in the average cost of order processing and a possibility of rapid scaling during promotional events and holidays. ISO 9001 V2008 standard

Our strengths:

  • 100% of your order management process is centralized on 1 site in Near shore
  • Experienced, qualified and certified multilingual teleoperators
  • A quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 V2008
  • Several years of experience and collaboration with European and American online sales leaders on multichannel customer service missions.

Using industry best practices, improved order management processes result in a superior customer experience, improved service levels, and cost savings.

  • Order taking
  • Execution of orders
  • Tracking control
  • Cancellations
  • Reporting and analytics