Customer Support Is Not a Service, It’s an Attitude.

Satisfying customers is a major challenge for every business, and it is the goal of every call center that wants to succeed.
The key to customer retention and growth is the way we nurture your customers through our outsourced multichannel customer services. Our mission as an outsourcing call center is to keep service costs low while constantly keeping customer satisfaction high.

Here's how we participate in improving your customers' satisfaction:

1. We are positioned to stay at the forefront of technology

Our CRM partners save us a tremendous amount of time with an intelligent calling system based on built-in numbering algorithms based on call history, recording and other data. This system dials calls when agents are available to minimize:

  • Call drop rates
  • Missed call rates
  • Call abandonment rates
  • Claims Inquiry calls
This intelligent system also enables our agents to reach more customers in optimum time, so we can increase our production and hence reduce the amount of calls made by our agents.

2.Optimize the resolution of the first call

First call resolution is a Key Performance Indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty especially for tech support or customer services. Our expert agents are trained to solve the majority of customer problems from the first contact and as quickly as possible.
This reduces operational costs because it reduces the reiteration of calls or the overall volume of operations in general.

3.Optimization of self-service IVR

A self-service IVR system provides 24/7 customer service enabling companies and customers to save time and resources. It provides your customers with the option to use free services for simple operations such as making reservations, order items online or paying bills etc. It also enables client advisors to process and handle more complex customer’s inquiries or requests more successfully and efficiently.

4.A Collaborative Approach to Supervision

Our coaches, supervisors and managers monitor all the calls on a daily basis to collect all the valuable information on how to stress on to enhance quality service, lower response time, optimizing call handling and achieve a higher customer problem solving rate.

Satisfy your clients