Satisfy your clients

Satisfying customers is a major challenge for every business, and it is the goal of every call center that wants to succeed. The key to customer retention and growth is the way they are satisfied with our service as an outsourcing provider of offshore customer relations. Our mission as an outsourced call center is to keep service costs low while keeping customer satisfaction high.
Here's how we participate in improving your customers' satisfaction :

1.We take advantage of our partners who are at the forefront of technology

Our CRM partners save us a tremendous amount of time with an intelligent calling system based on built-in numbering algorithms based on call history and other data. This system dials calls when agents are available to minimize Drop rates and have customers at the best possible time, so we increase our production and we reduce the nuisance calls.

2.Optimize the resolution of the first call

First Call Resolution is a critical measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Tele Consultants are trained to solve the majority of customer problems from the first contact and as soon as possible. This reduces operational costs because it reduces the reiteration of calls or the overall volume of calls.

3.Optimization of self-service IVR

A self-service IVR system provides 24-hour service and saves time and resources. It offers your customers the option free services for simple operations such as making reservations, paying bills etc. And then enable client advisors to manage the demands of your most complex customers.

4.A sharing-based supervisory process

Our coaches, supervisors and tray managers will have to monitor the calls on a regular basis to collect all the valuable information on how to do our agents, exchanges are then scheduled to collect the proposals of our collaborators that we consider the heart of our Call Center business.

Satisfy your clients