The cons of social media outsourcing
The cons of social media outsourcing

The cons of social media outsourcing

BSS 27/12/2017 Various

Loss of control

Outsourcing your networks has advantages, but you lose control over your communication. The agency or the community manager will not submit you each publication for validation. You must trust them as you would for one of your employees.

Knowledge of the limited sector

No one knows his sector of activity as well as you. It is important in the production of content to know its targets and the needs of the customer, this point may be lacking in the outsourcing of once community management.

Extended response time

The outsourcer is not always able to answer questions, especially if it is about requests related to the functioning of a product for example. The outsourcer will have to get the answers, which can sometimes take time and therefore affect the responsiveness of putting on social networks.

Use of an additional intermediary

If you manage your social networks internally, the communication and expectations can be clarified much more quickly. On the other hand, when you outsource, you will have to talk to an extra person, from a different background, which can complicate communication and slow down the process of setting up campaigns.

Sometimes higher costs

The production of content through an agency is sometimes more expensive than it would be if done internally by an effective collaborator. But caution, it turned out that on many occasions companies have resorted to trainees and the results were unfortunately more than disappointing.