Email Processing

Outsourced email processing and management

The majority of companies are dealing with increasing influx of incoming e-mail solicitations requiring in most cases an answer, only a large part remains untreated. Outsourcing the customer relationship by mail to an offshore subcontractor specializing in multi-channel and multi-lingual customer relationship management guarantees you 100% response rates within tight deadlines. A real added value to your business. E-mail communications are considered an important part of everyday communication in the life of a business. If you are able to deal professionally with email, you have a competitive advantage. Business & Service Solutions has a cost effective and fast approach to the processing and management of your emails. We have the ability to offer real-time responses to your email.

An expert team in outsourced email processing

Our agents are trained to handle email and web communications. We provide a quick and personalized response to each request with an appropriate e-label that reflects attention to detail. Whether we provide product information or solve a technical problem, our agents tell your customers that we are here to help and let them know that their communication is not being released into cyberspace. We also formulate rich content responses according to your specifications.

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It is time for your brand to focus on its core business and entrust customer relationship management to experts in multichannel and multilingual call centers.

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