Customer relationship management in energy

The field of energy is growing continuously. Energy investors are facing a number of environmental and commercial hurdles in front of market acquisition by the high-tech sector. Consumers' awareness of the use of energy has given this sector more credibility. This makes of the customers the conductor of the marketing orchestra by making the choice of the most suited supplier who meets their needs and expectations.

Our customer relationship strategy :

BS-solutions, expert in customer relationship management, develops innovative strategies that adapt to new customer needs while taking into account the pressures that this sector can face. In fact, the support of our employees in this sector is diversified. It is enough for us to well determine the inclinations of the customers to be able to direct them towards the most adapted service to their behaviors. We also dedicate a team specialized in finding new needs to be able to prospect and detect new projects.

We deploy a number of customer relationship outsourcing solutions that work for any survey you may be considering; solutions that optimize your customer loyalty by improving your marketing leverage. We guarantee you a quality of graceful service and efficiency in the treatment of your service

Provided services :

BS-solutions offers several services in the energy sector such as :

  • Claims processing
  • Telesales and additional sales
  • Qualification of files
  • Customer service
  • Making appointments
  • Prospecting and project detection
Customer relationship management in energy