Customer relationship management in cosmetics

The field of cosmetics is facing considerable diversions; the demand on the profitability of the investments of this sector does not stop to increase. As the competitiveness between the famous brands of cosmetic products increases, its public increases and changes and becomes more and more capricious.

Nowadays, the good quality of the product is not sufficient anymore; the companies of the cosmetic sector are leading to present the excellence in the marketing as well as in the management of the customer relationship.

Business & Services Solutions, Outsourced Contact Center, presents its services to the different actors of the cosmetic service (manufacturers, distributors, laboratories etc.) in order to contribute to strengthening your market share while synchronizing your relationship with your customers. We provide you with means that meet the specific expectations of your customers, namely: perfect performance and appropriate support, a straightforward characterization of the provided services and a new speciation of loyalty.

BS-solutions offers several services in the cosmetics sector such as :

  • Network and distribution support
  • Customer service
  • Claims processing
  • Telesales and additional sales
  • Qualification of files
  • Order Entry
  • First level intelligence
  • Social networks
  • Prospecting
  • Tracking control
Customer relationship management in cosmetics