User Support

Outsourced management of your user support

Whether you need to outsource all or part of your IT helpdesk, Business and Service Solutions, as an expert provider of IT outsourcing, offers you a wide range of user support services regardless of your field of business. activity and the complexity of your information systems (IS).

Whether it is to outsource the management of the technical support of your computer park, your workstations or your computer applications, we propose you to take charge of the remote management of your IT support through our offshore call center specialist in technical assistance.

Preferred interaction interface with users: the outsourced helpdesk

Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, SMEs or large companies, outsourced IT support services are the interface for resolving the technical problems that your employees or users of your products, applications, software or IT services have.

Establishing an IT support service for users and employees of a company allows them to better exploit the resources available to them. An out-of-the-box helpdesk, as a proximity support platform, offers the possibility of instantly resolving a blockage, a breakdown or preventing a malfunction which could hinder the smooth operation of professionals, employees within a company or users of digital services and products.

We strengthen your customer relationship with outsourced user support

An outsourced IT support is an ideal exchange interface to maintain a constant relationship with the users of your products or IS and maintain an optimal and constant customer satisfaction.

Our customer support centers work throughout the lifecycle of your digital products, applications or solutions to:

  • Installation, information about cyber security
  • Software Configuring, business solutions or remote digital services
  • Maintenance, update or modification of remote assisted application technology

The outsourced technical support service offered by Business ans Services Solutions is essential to ensure:

  • the smooth running of your business
  • the good management of your customer relationship
  • The valuation of your brand image
  • Promoting the quality of your products or the IT solutions you market

For this, an outsourced user support platform must rely on the responsiveness, expertise and expertise of its IT technicians.

Our different levels of outsourced support and IT support

Whatever your geographical location, whether you choose to set up a helpdesk online, by phone, by chat or email, we are able to offer you the IT support solution thanks to our multichannel offshore and multilingual call center. The most appropriate according to the needs of your users and their various constraints.

The establishment of a remote computer helpdesk involves hotline technician’s experts in support of users according to the expected level of assistance:

  • Level 1: The technical support advisor can intervene upstream: to detect, receive, analyze support requests by comparing them to pre-established resolution procedures. The helpdesk assistant is responsible for processing, recording, and tracking all IT support requests until technical support requests are resolved.
  • Level 2: To solve some more specific IT support requests, our user support services may in some cases, make a remote diagnosis by taking control of the used IS and make changes, updates or updates. technical operations to resolve the computer failure or incident encountered
  • Level 3: Through the presence of knowledgeable and experienced experts and IT engineers, the BSS outsourced user support cluster is able to remotely intervene to resolve the most complex support requests

By providing different levels of support depending on the nature and scale of your infrastructure, the technical complexity of the IT products and solutions used, the outsourced user support service is also a good way to build customer loyalty to your digital products or solutions.

Benefits of using our outsourced IT support services

The outsourcing of your IT helpdesk offers many advantages, whatever the level of incident, breakdown or computer problem encountered, by ensuring:

  • Continuity of service to your users and the guarantee of being able to benefit from a constantly operational hardware, product or IT service
  • Optimal working conditions for your employees
  • The permanent availability of a technical hotline expert expert in remote technical assistance that intervenes to resolve any problem or blockage to users
  • The assurance of an optimal and homogeneous level of service regardless of the geographical location of your users
  • A reduction in IT operating costs while remaining uncompromising on the well-being and satisfaction of your employees and users
  • A professional IT support service in nearshore / offshore provided by technical helpdesk experts in remote computer support
  • A constant technological watch allowing continuous improvement of procedures, business solutions and computer data processing processes

Give your employees qualified technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Give them direct and immediate assistance to quickly solve any problem in relation to their working tools, the technical infrastructure and even respond quickly and effectively to a simple need for advice.