Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance service bet on the outsourcing of your administrative tasks

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of administrative tasks to manage on a daily basis?

Tired of wasting time managing and performing time-consuming, low value-added tasks and would you like to focus on your core business?

Boost your business, save more time and money by collaborating with multipurpose administrative support!

Our expertise in virtual offshore assistance allows us to successfully complete all kinds of remote secretarial tasks and offer our clients full administrative support ranging from the most traditional to the most specialized tasks.

From today and regardless of your field of activity, business, professional, doctor, lawyer, real estate agency or e-commerce, you can give another boost to your business and increase productivity by outsourcing or delegating serenely all your administrative tasks to the Business and Services Solutions multitasking virtual help desk.

  • Virtual Assistance from BSS: a complete administrative support service
  • Virtual Support: benefits of an outsourced secretariat
  • You do not know what to outsource?

Virtual Assistance from BSS: a complete administrative support service

As a multilingual and multi-service offshore call centre specializing in customer relationship outsourcing, BSS mobilizes all its expertise in business process outsourcing (BPO) to offer an increasingly wide range of services as an innovative virtual assistance including :

Virtual assistance

Multitask administrative support

The BSS virtual help desk offers support via different channels; telephone, fax, chat and internet, all your remote secretarial missions, namely:

  • Outsourced management of your incoming and outgoing calls, your remote telephone secretary
  • Management of your administrative and office assistance tasks :like your computer input, the layout and the scanning of all types of documents
  • Transcription of your medical and legal reports, minutes of meetings, conferences, commissions, interviews, debates, therapeutic sessions etc ...
  • Writing reports from notes, writing procedures, writing reports remotely, researching and preparing presentations on PowerPoint or other formats
  • Remote database processing and organization: remote data entry, tabular reporting, encoding and data update on back-office interfaces
  • Management of your agenda: management and making appointments, management of cancellations and postponements, organization of your trips, organization of trips, management of airline, train, taxi and hotel reservations
  • Management of your email boxes: sending reminders before meeting, answering emails and organizing your mailbox
  • Management of your accounting tasks: encoding and entering customer / supplier quotes, entering and sending invoices, monitoring budgets, expenses and purchases

Our remote multipurpose secretaries as experienced administrative managers support the complete management of various traditional administrative tasks as well as more personalized and specialized tasks.

Specialized Services: BSS Remote Virtual Assistance 2.0

In addition to traditional remote administrative assistance services, BSS innovates and offers to support more specific services such as:

  • Your remote web marketing missions: writing site content, E-books, white papers, writing technical sheets and product sheets, writing blog articles, press releases, writing remote newsletters, managing campaigns e-mailing
  • Searches of information on internet: watch on internet, search of themes
  • Web promotion: social networking, animation and web presence
  • Website development: remote web site creation, website moderation
  • Development of remote applications according to your needs
  • Graphic and audio-visual remote design of all your media and web content: audio and image processing and editing, image and video. Creation of banners, logos, business cards, online catalogs
  • Assistance and remote customer service for e-commerce sites: logistics management, order processing and order entry, requests management and customer information, customer complaint handling of your e-commerce websites

Virtual Support: benefits of an outsourced secretariat

Outsourcing your secretarial and administrative support activities at BSS allows you to benefit from productive efficiency but also to benefit from a wide range of cumulative benefits, namely:

  • Take advantage of the professionalism, the availability of highly qualified multi-skilled tele-secretaries dedicated exclusively to your project
  • Benefit from an administrative support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, outside office hours, during weekends and public holidays
  • Multilingual and multilingual tele-secretaries able to communicate with your international customers
  • Profitez d’une expertise multiservice et multicanal de nos conseillers et télésecrétaires polyvalents experts dans leur domaine : administration, infographie, informaticiens spécialistes du développement web offshore, design graphique etc…
  • Make savings in hiring costs, compensation of qualified and versatile profiles
  • Realize savings in hardware investments and take advantage of a multichannel technology infrastructure at the forefront of new technologies
  • Take advantage of a range of diversified virtual assistance services using several different and cumulative media and communication channels
  • Benefit from a flexible, non-binding online remote assistance offer, including pricing offers based on the time spent on the project

You do not know what to outsource?

Here are some examples of virtual support missions supported by BSS:

  1. Accounting: Tracking invoices and other accounting tasks can be the easiest tasks for a BSS Virtual Assistant. Many companies choose to share their accounting systems by outsourcing invoicing and balance sheet tasks.
  2. Google searches online: You can easily exploit the search on the Internet. Make sure to send clear instructions and detailed information about what you are looking for and different topics to explore
  3. Entering databases: Whether it's encoding or saving a multitude of new business cards retrieved during a conference or an update for your existing contacts, managing databases Data is one of the many tasks entrusted to our virtual assistants.
  4. Developing tailored presentations: Transforming raw data into a clear presentation, summarizing and synthesizing the results of a research can be a huge time saver for preparing your works council meetings, conferences, assemblies, etc ...
  5. Partnership Hunting: It may be difficult to prioritize potential business opportunities, but a virtual help desk can help you and facilitate the lead generation process through research and ongoing business intelligence to build new partnerships.
  6. Scheduling and Scheduling: Because we have the best technology, our virtual help desk handles the schedules of many customers. Tasks include processing meeting invitations, scheduling client appointments, and scheduling events.
  7. Remote personal assistance services: Our virtual assistants take care of organizing all your business trips: find and book your hotel rooms, book your flight tickets and map itineraries.

Do you want to outsource your administrative support? Do you have a specific virtual assistance mission to suggest us? To entrust us with the details of your project or become a BSS partner, contact us.