After sales service

Outsourcing after-sales service, Meet customer requirements:

Once the product purchased or the subscription to the service carried out, your customers must be able to have a support of quality answering perfectly to their requirements and their needs of assistance, repair and follow-up of guarantee.

Setting up an after-sales service means taking care of your customers after selling them your product or service. This is to treat and solve all types of breakdowns by including the necessary repairs to ensure customers a good working condition of the product throughout its lifetime or its warranty period.

However, the after-sales services generally have bad press with the consumers: endless waiting on the telephone, unreachable advisers, paying or surcharged numbers. Getting a repair quote, getting a return on a defective product or simply getting a refund has become synonymous with obstacle course for customers.

To turn things around and help our partners make their outsourced after-sales service a real competitive advantage in order to differentiate themselves and retain their customers, Business and Services Solutions sets out to meet all the challenges currently facing business services.

Outsourcing your after-sales service with BSS: advantages

Many companies in various sectors have understood the importance and the challenges inherent in setting up an after-sales service available to their customers. Many of our customers already trust us by entrusting us with the total management of their customer service including their after-sales service.

For us, a remote after-sales service when managed in a methodical and organized way can potentially represent for our customers:

  • A real guarantee of customer satisfaction
  • Real added value to products and marketed services
  • Saving time and a great way to reduce operating costs
  • A powerful lever of loyalty and customer retention and therefore generate more profits
  • An essential component in the good management of interactions between customers and the brand and the reputation of companies
  • A solid foundation in building a lasting and trusted relationship with customers
  • A strong competitive advantage over the competition and the overall trend

Aware of the potential benefits of good after-sales service management, BSS, as an offshore provider of choice, offers its partners the best outsourced customer relationship management solutions while mobilizing all the know-how and the cumulative expertise of its advisors in terms of customer support.

Our after-sales service: quality customer support

outsource customer service

SAV management is placed in the post-purchase stage of the customer journey and is therefore an integral part of customer experience management. Fully committed to putting the customer experience at the heart of our concerns, at BSS, we make a point of providing continuous assistance to your customers in the use of your products via a high quality outsourced after-sales service.

As an expert in the remote customer relationship, at BSS, we understood that a quality service was synonymous with growth and added value for our partners. That's why we are committed every day to honor our promises and deliver the best quality of service to your customers.

Whether you are an e-merchant, an airline or a railway company, a tour operator, a distributor or software publisher, a telecom operator or Internet service provider, or even a manufacturer of manufactured products, we guarantee a perfect end-to-end customer service management. harmonized with your quality of service requirements.

The strengths of our after-sales solutions

Our proven expertise in outsourced customer relationship management makes our offshore call center a preferred partner. Indeed, as part of our high value-added service solutions, we offer:

  • End-to-end management of your service (from the opening of the ticket to the complete resolution of the service request)
  • A reachability and a constant availability 24/24 and 7/7 through the various service channels
  • A multi-channel service management operating via the various customer contact channels (incoming call, outgoing call, mail, chat, fax, etc.)
  • Optimum responsiveness with 95% of calls answered within 10 seconds and before the third ring and this also on all channels: chat, emails, social networks etc. ....
  • L’expertise multiservice de notre centre d’appel pour une gestion SAV optimale et de haute qualité (Service client, gestion des réclamations, Support et assistance technique etc...)
  • Our know-how in customer relationship management and our commitment to quality of treatment
  • Fierce transparency in the processing of your after-sales service with reports of quantitative and qualitative indicators sent on a daily basis to our customers
  • Constant monitoring of corrective actions to be considered to permanently improve the quality of services and products