Telephone performance

A telephone hotline outsourced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

As an expert in outsourced customer relationship management, BSS provides you with a tailor-made hotline service 24/7, perfectly adapted to your professional requirements, whatever your business.

Thus we have developed a set of multilingual, multi-service and multi-channel telephone answering solutions to better meet the requirements and professional obligations of our partners.

Telephone performance
First of all,

What is the hotline?

A hotline consists of providing a constant telephone presence to manage incoming calls, to qualify them and to take the necessary actions according to the type of call according to pre-established directives and procedures.

Respond to requests for information, advice and information, support customer queries and escalate to the service concerned, follow up by sending a message for all calls received, transfer calls to those concerned or manage calendars, appointments and cancellations are all tasks that can be provided by a hotline service.

Why use a hotline?

To meet the increasing need for reachability and availability of your customers, patients or users, the establishment of a hotline is essential to maintain a lasting relationship and maintain customer satisfaction at a consistently high level.

For some professions, it is essential and sometimes crucial to remain reachable at all times for their clients or even their patients day and night to treat potential emergencies.

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BSS Hotline solutions:

BSS offers its business customers, craftsmen, small businesses and SMEs, the professions or paramedics, doctors, lawyers, ushers, osteopaths, chiropodists, chiropractors, dieticians and occupational therapists, the establishment of telephone hotlines available 24/24 and 7/7 perfectly adapted to their reachability needs, namely:

  • A medical or paramedical telephone service with a complete management of patient appointments
  • A change of standard, emergency management
  • A legal telephone secretariat for lawyers, bailiffs, notaries A hotline dedicated to businesses and craftsmen with a personalized telephone reception, a service of astreinte and succession of standard,

Our expertise in the service of your reachability

In our offshore call center specializing in remote telephone reception, our tele-secretaries take charge with competence, smile and availability:

  • Your telephone reception and the handling of requests for information from your customers, patients, visitors or suppliers
  • Management of your incoming calls by transferring the line to the employee concerned according to your instructions and filtering call transfers according to your own instructions
  • Qualifying your calls and taking messages for each call received
  • Organize your calendars in real time and manage your client appointments, postponements and cancellations
  • An on-call service at your request outside your days or your opening and opening hours
  • Overflow management and standard changeover in the event of an increased number of calls during the occurrence of technical problems, network breakdown, ad hoc promotional campaigns, and absence of reception staff or seasonality of the activity...

Telephone hotline: your profits, our priority

Setting up a 24/7 hotline service allows you to choose from:

  • To benefit from a secretarial service and high quality
  • A permanent reachability thanks to the possibility of triggering at any time and according to your needs a service out of your opening hours, the weekends and public holidays
  • Be informed in real time of all calls by sending simultaneous messages to your professional mailbox and voicemail at the reception
  • To allow you never to miss any call
  • Better control your operating costs and reduce your fixed costs while gaining productivity
  • Save time and organize your schedule Refocus on your core business with confidence

Multichannel and multilingual: our strengths

Conscious of the need to give our customers permanent reachability on all the communication channels brought by new technologies, at BSS we offer our customers to meet their hyper connection needs with their patients, customers or users.

  • A hotline yes but availability and reachability via different channels such as: SMS, Chat, mail and internet.... With the ability to delegate your email, chat, and sending SMS, managing your appointments taken on the Internet, you can better focus on your consultations and your high value-added activities in peace.
  • Moreover, to better meet the needs of your patients and international customers, our multilingual offshore call center able to process your calls and your customer requests in 12 different languages ​​will be able to accompany you in all your internationalization strategies, to retain your international clientele and promote your reputation across borders.
  • To know more about our solutions of permanence and to know our pricing offer adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us via our free and personalized quote form.
  • Discover also our other offers of remote customer services: technical assistance service, complaints management, after-sales service, customer service, booking management, user support...