Making appointments

Taking and confirming qualified appointments

As a true strategic partner, Business and Solutions Services mobilizes all the expertise of its remote customer service advisors to optimize your sales performance and grow your prospecting campaigns by getting qualified appointments from your prospects. As ambassadors for your brand, our expert appointment scheduling consultants will adopt the same tone, pitch and pitch as your sales teams while aligning with your quality requirements in managing your customer experience.

Our offshore call center offers to manage all your confirmation and appointment booking campaigns always with the guarantee of an irreproachable quality of treatment.

When sending or receiving calls, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service at the lowest cost. We support you in all your commercial efforts by consolidating your sales force while ensuring to maintain your relationship prospects to a level of optimal satisfaction.

Making appointments

Making qualified appointments

Full support for making your qualified appointments.Our goal is to offer you a complete service to provide your sales representatives all the good conditions necessary to win contracts or make as many sales as possible.

So our offer includes:

  • Making qualified appointments
  • Confirmation of appointments between your prospects and your sales representatives
  • And even the management of the outsourced agendas of your commercial field

Our appointment scheduling strategy

To get appointments, the BSS teleconferents have acquired know-how to prepare the ground for sale. This strategic journey is divided into several stages:

  • An optimal file qualification of your customer and prospect databases: for a better targeting of your commercial campaigns. Our goal is to make you benefit from complete, exploitable and reliable files and ultimately to send you a list of prospects and qualified customers
  • A clear and smart commercial proposal provided by our expert consultants in distance selling techniques. This clarity of speech goes through the training of our technicians in making appointments so that they master your offer perfectly. This includes the use of the three C's to make our phone calls: Clair, Concise Coherent but also by reformulation to better summarize and understand the needs of your prospects and prepare the physical appointment. Moreover, our arguments are completely adapted to your requirements since we make you collaborate in the implementation of the script.
  • A daily and transparent measurement of the performance of the appointment-making campaign with the sending of a daily report of the results made allowing you to calculate your return on investment, to pilot the operations and carry out if necessary all the corrective actions required .

Our expertise: helping you meet all your business challenges

At Business and Services Solutions, our outsourcing of appointments is specially formulated and designed to efficiently generate business opportunities. Indeed, our goal is to help your salespeople perform well and generate as much sales as possible by providing them with a favorable ground for their success. Thus we also propose to clear the ground by relieving them of a certain number of tasks of preliminary surveys but essential to the making of qualified appointments, namely:

  • Targeting prospects via telephone prospecting in B to B or B to C
  • By working on client files and optimizing the exploitation of your databases thanks to the qualification of files
  • Managing their client portfolio by classifying them in their place

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