Customer Relationship Management in the Automobile

The majority of investors in the automotive sector (entrepreneurs, manufacturers, traders, etc.) operate in a highly competitive environment. The latters are indeed facing many challenges of globalization, the optimization of customer management and the spread of exploiters of services offered at low prices. Car operators need to optimize their contacts with their customers in order to distinguish themselves from others, in a sector where customers offer themselves these goods for a specific purpose or motive.

Business & Service Solutions, an expert in customer relationship management, particularly in the automotive sector, supports customers by optimizing the originality of their solutions.

For your project, BS-solutions provides you with experts in the customer relationship with a deep knowledge of the automotive field and a confirmed level with an optimal and multi-purpose self-possession. To meet your outsourcing needs of your call center services, BS-Solutions offers multichannel marketing solutions to create a solid and secure customer relationship.

BS-Solutions offers several solutions in the automotive sector such as :

  • Claims management
  • Network support and distribution
  • Customer service
  • After Sales Service (SAV)
  • Making appointments
  • Qualification of files
  • Chat support
  • Technical assistant
Customer Relationship Management in the Automobile