Calendar Management

Outsourced telephone service with calendar management

Between telephone reception, taking and management of appointments, prioritization, rapid handling of unforeseen and emergencies, the management of your agenda and your appointments internally can quickly become uncontrollable for your assistant.

A lack of organization in the management of the schedule or a bad management of the appointments can potentially provoke the dissatisfaction of your customers. An oversight, an error in the management of your agenda can also make you lose a prospect, a customer or a patient. A well-organized agenda, confirmed customer appointments, well-managed cancellations and postponements, all these factors are essential to the success and the success of any commercial activity and any liberal profession.

Business and Services Solutions offers a real-time calendar management service that allows you to improve efficiency, optimize your work days and refocus on your business. In our multichannel call center, our dedicated tele-secretaries organize, manage and synchronize your diaries and appointments via different channels: phone, email and sms.

Your calendar just a click away wherever you are

BSS mobilizes all the expertise of its offshore call center specializing in remote customer relationship management, to provide you with a real-time remote calendar management service.

Our outsourced agenda management service supports the organization of all your phone appointments or taken online. To help you optimize your appointment management, BSS has developed an interactive management system for your remote business agendas that integrates seamlessly with our outsourced telephone answering service.

On request, our remote secretaries manage your calendar and appointments according to your daily availability, instructions and specific procedures. Via a unique and centralized platform and thanks to an advanced technological architecture, and multichannel, we put at the disposal of our partners various services of:

  • Real-time remote agenda management of your appointments online or by phone
  • Management of confirmations, postponements and cancellation of appointments
  • Automatic sending of client / patient notifications by phone, email or SMS
  • Standard overflow and line transfer on demand
  • Visualization and accessibility from all digital tools and media: PC Smartphone, tablet
  • Organization of appointments integrating an instant synchronization system of your outsourced agendas
  • Making an outsourced and international appointment thanks to a multilingual secretariat operating over several contact channels
  • Optimization of the management of your diaries according to the type of appointments, consultations and interventions with the possibility to adjust their durations, instructions on each type of appointment and intervention
  • Personalization of your calendars according to your professional constraints and your business requirements: options for setting up one-off or ongoing tasks, sending information, emails, grouped SMS when needed.
  • Ability to consult his appointment history at any time
Calendar Management

Calendar ‘’remote’’ management: Your Benefits

Outsourcing the calendar scheduling to your offshore service provider allows you to benefit from several advantages. Entrusting the management of your agenda and appointments to our multichannel and multilingual telesecretary services will allow you to:

  • Significant time savings in managing your daily schedules and appointments
  • Reduce your expenses: recruitment and training of administrative staff, investment in supports and technological solutions for making appointments
  • A best management of your commercial and sales fees
  • A constant availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays
  • Ability to view and access your outsourced calendar on multiple media even while traveling
  • Assistance and usage support according to your demands
  • A confirmed efficiency while focusing on your activity and your work to high added value
  • A better management of unforeseen events, emergencies and absence
  • A high customer satisfaction rate due to a qualified welcome
  • A better support for international customers via a multilingual telesecertary service
  • An accumulated flexibility concerning your agendas’ and your appointments’ management according to your needs and budgets
  • An increase in the rate of honored appointments
  • Affordable offshore telesecretary service prices
Calendar Management

Customized outsourced agenda management

As an expert provider of the reception and the remote telephone secretariat, BSS offers an outsourced agenda management adopted to your professional constraints and your business specificities. Our outsourced phone book and remote telesecretariat management services adapt to the needs of all business sectors:

  • Reception and hotline, remote management of online patient appointments for doctors, paramedical professionals
  • Outsourced management of the agenda of field sales and intervention teams for large companies, SMEs or TPE Telesecretariat
  • On-call and outsourced appointments for health centers and health facilities
  • Outsourced agenda management for lawyers, notaries, bailiffs
  • Management appointments and agenda craftsmen
  • Remote management of interventions for repair, maintenance or repair companies,
  • Standard and schedule management remote visits for real estate agencies
  • Management of outsourced scheduling of appointments for health care institutions...

If you wish to have more information about our outsourcing solutions, telesecretariat or remote telephone reception services, or get a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us.