Home services

Customer relationship management in home services

BS-solutions offers a section of home services to be able to achieve customer relationship management from their homes in the best time. Whether in the technical, industrial or sales fields, outsourcing the call center ensures a better communication between our partners and their targets in a rigorous way thanks to our various offshore outsourcing services.

Why home services ?

Home service makes things easier for both consumers and providers. Good, well-structured information accessible at any time of the day is an asset for customer retention and even for prospecting others.

Thinking time, thinking profit

The accessibility of the information presented online plays on the profit of the two parts: On the one hand the saving of time for the consumer since it saves him the displacements; On the other hand the increase of the turnover of the providers thanks to the easy access to the proposed services.

Provided services

BS-Solutions offers several home-based solutions in different sectors such as :

  • Technical assistant
  • User support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Hotline
  • Prospecting and project detection
  • Claims management
  • Making appointments and orders
  • Mail processing
  • Social networks
Customer relationship management in home services