5 reasons why you should call upon a multilingual call center!
5 reasons why you should call upon a multilingual call center!

5 reasons why you should call upon a multilingual call center!

BSS 12/11/2019 Outsourcing

Most companies that have chosen to outsource their customer care to call centers around the world base their operations on French or English, 2-3 of the most widely spoken European languages. Other ones, such as in France, Belgium or Switzerland choose instead to call upon exclusively French speaking call centers to manage their customer support.

However, it is a big mistake considering that if your customers come from abroad it is really important to have a well-trained staff to assist them.

As a business owner or even as a liberal professional, you know that it’s important or even crucial to be able to communicate fluently with all your clients or particularly your patients!

Here are 5 reasons to convince yourself of the importance of having a multilingual call center managing your customer service!

1. English is not the only language you need to know

Although most of those with computer skills understand English at least on a basic level, especially those who come from non-European countries, have difficulty understanding complex sentences. Some technical, medical, legal or more specific terms are also more complicated to understand.

Business and Services Solutions offers you the opportunity to handle and successfully treat all your customers’ inquiries in more than 12 different languages through our telephone support desk, hotline, taking order and booking services.

Sometimes they do not clearly understand the purchasing process or other points of service terms. These simple questions would be easy to answer through the call center. However, if you have an online customer service where the two partners do not have a common language that both can clearly understand, it would be like bouncing against a rubber wall.

Even if you decide to have a well-organized customer service, you will lose a lot of potential customers.

2. Have a multilingual contact center, make a good marketing

Having an online customer service center is a blessing when it comes to discussing the company's marketing. Having multilingual support via chat is even better. If your website and call center are available in different languages ​​it is possible to reach many more people than the standard one where the only spoken language is English or even French. This point is more and more crucial in market competition when all around the world big cities tend to become more cosmopolitan.

3. Talking their languages is a key to conquer the hearts of your customers

Customers especially when they are private subjects (link to customer-perspective article); like to be served in a personalized way.

If customers feel important, it is much easier to cooperate with them, even in the event of some debate. Speaking a common language is vital to convince them of your good will and easy to make them understand your point of view.

4. Less discussion for greater success

It is important to be able to be understood by your customers in order to avoid misunderstandings and debates that slow down your company and damage the good reputation of your brand. If you have too many foreign or non-English visitors, you should definitely consider introducing new languages ​​to your customer service through establishing a multilingual call center. In the long run it's worth it.

5. It is no longer difficult with regular call center

Of course it is not easy to organize a multilingual chat support or customer service. It is extremely difficult to find the right staff and how operators can cooperate to get the best out of the service. The best way to go straight forward and grab the opportunities coming from foreign customers for your business is to outsource your customer care, your taking order and event your telesales services to a multilingual call center!

As a multilingual and multichannel call center Business and Services Solutions can help you take advantage of the opportunities that your customers coming from abroad represents!

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