Customer retention: Ensuring optimal customer loyalty

Customer retention as a performance lever

Attracting new customers by adopting an optimal business strategy is essential to increase the performance and competitiveness of your business. But retaining and retaining your customers is just as important to increase your sales and profitability. Companies often tend to overshadow the importance of customer retention and channel their efforts exclusively into acquiring new customers.

Capitalizing on existing customers and building long-term loyalty often costs less and ultimately pays off. Moreover, a loyal customer will have a greater propensity to buy a wider range of products and to spend more.

Customer Retention Strategy: Benefits

Banking on retention and customer loyalty will allow you to:

  • Increase your turnover exponentially
  • Increase your sales and increase them in the long run
  • Establish a long and privileged relationship with your customers
  • Promote your brand image in the market consistently through a positive experience feedback
  • To better understand the needs, expectations and purchasing behavior of your customers

Customer retention essential component of our strategy

In addition to the quality of your products or services, what motivates him to renew his purchase is above all the quality of the customer experience he has experienced throughout his purchasing journey.

Focused on a Customer Experience strategy and aware of the importance of customer retention as a lever for business performance and profitability, at Business and Services Solutions we firmly believe that the acquisition of new customers goes hand in hand with their loyalty.

We therefore integrate the loyalty objectives of your customers upstream from the customer acquisition process (making appointments, telesales and additional sales ...) and this, from the first contact.

Retain customers thanks to the quality of the customer relationship

A high customer retention rate necessarily testifies to a good management of your customer relationship and represents a pledge of confidence and satisfaction. As an expert in outsourced multi-channel customer relationship management, Business and Service Solutions makes it a point of honor to give your prospects an exceptional customer experience.

At Business and Services Solutions, customer loyalty is an integral part of our values. We support you in setting up a long-term customer retention strategy by taking care of your remote customer relationship while complying with your quality requirements.

The cumulative experience and expertise of our employees in managing the relationship between our partners and their customers helps each day to strengthen their loyalty and loyalty.

Our expertise: Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

In a context of increased competition, constant innovation and the development of multichannel marketing, the attention of customers is constantly solicited by the arrival of new products and services on the market. This trend has a strong impact on your customers' decision-making and consumption choices. As a result, they are adopting an increasingly volatile purchasing behavior.

To improve your customer retention, we adopt a key watchword: "be proactive". Being proactive means anticipating the needs of your customers, guiding them and providing them with complete information about your product offering. It's about keeping them abreast of the different product lines and / or services you offer in order to convince them to buy products from a higher range (Up-Selling).

Another proactive strategy, cross selling or cross-selling, is to lead customers to buy products or consume services that match their consumption habits. The goal is always to retain your customers and retain them by encouraging them to consume your products and renew their shopping experience.

Know your customers to better retain them

To adopt a proactive customer retention strategy, Business Services Solutions offers efficient solutions aimed at establishing optimal customer relationship management, allowing you to better know your customers and prospects by probing their expectations, their habits and their intentions.

Through our File Qualification, Prospecting and Project Detection services, we get all the information about the prospect's identity, contact information, needs and purchase intentions.

As an outsourced outsourcing specialist with extensive experience in remote customer relationship management, Business Services and Solutions develop identification strategies to gain insight into your customers, retain them and retain them.