Our goal is to stand out and offer you a competitive advantage to ensure you are outsourcing the outstanding customer relationship. Satisfying your customers is one of the keys to our success, so it is vital to provide you with a personalized outsourced call center service of optimum quality while relying on strict cost management. This means continually improving productivity, satisfying your customers and coping with competition while keeping your costs down to remain competitive.

Our outsourced contact center solutions have been studied and developed to help improve productivity and boost profit prospects for your business.

How we have managed to provide an advantageous offer by guaranteeing an optimal quality.

1. We improved our recruitment and training process

Our recruitment system is based on a filter that we have set up with our partner to hire the ideal employee for the position requested, on the other hand our training system which is based on three main axes:
Business training (customer relationship management, inbound call, outgoing call, etc.)
- Business training (customer relationship management, inbound call, outgoing call, etc.)
- Product training and most importantly a specific motivation to each employee to give the best of himself. So our customer advisors will be involved in solving any customer problem as quickly as possible by mastering their product and ensuring optimum quality.
- In conclusion handling the client correctly and quickly solving their problems will reduce the cost per call.

2. Our skill-based routing system

Skill-based routing significantly reduces call forwarding as the call is routed to agents with the preferred skill sets. This minimizes the cost of operation and handling time and improves customer satisfaction.

3. A system that reduces waiting time

With a queue callback feature in place, customers will be able to be called back, reducing their waiting time. This system will reduce abandoned calls and contribute to better customer satisfaction. In addition, allowing your callers to hang up and ask for a reminder will reduce your waiting cost in a long queue.

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