Customer relationship management in High-Tech

The world of technology is changing faster than other industries. This area is particularly exposed to significant competition following the rise in counterfeiting and low-price markets based in Asia

To maintain their turnover and reach their sales targets, the high-tech industries must be in direct contact with consumers to better understand their needs and adapt their services to their behavior. This creates synchronization at the level of supply and demand.

Bs-solutions: a high-tech outsourcing provider

As an outsourcing services provider, Business & services solutions puts in place effective and personified means in the management of the call center customer relationship thanks to its expertise in this field. To optimize your customer contact and improve your brand image, we put at your disposal a dedicated and efficient team to properly identify the needs of your customers and to react in the shortest time. By so doing, we anticipate customer loyalty.

Provided services :

BS-Solutions offers several high-tech services in different sectors such as :

  • User support
  • Technical assistant
  • Network and distribution support
  • Customer service
  • Support by chat
  • Claims processing
  • Mail processing
  • Telesales and additional sales
  • Qualification of files
Customer relationship management in High-Tech