Chat Support

Outsourced chat: staying closer to customers

Increasingly popular with businesses and highly valued by customers, chat as a digital channel emerging from the customer relationship increased in recent years. With the speeding up of the pace of life, customers no longer have the time to take the trouble to call customer service but are more likely to use messaging platforms such as chat to get in touch with businesses.

In fact, messaging and chatting have become uses that are increasingly rooted in the daily habits of customers who have become hyper-connected. In fact, 72% of customers expect to be able to contact a company via the channel they prefer.

To meet the new needs and current lifestyles of consumers, integrating several contact channels including a chat solution to its customer service package, is a privileged way to stay closer to its customers and constantly increase their degree of satisfaction.

Why opt for a customer support service by chat?

Chat is a channel that is an integral part of all digitalization strategies of the customer relationship thanks to its relevance in terms of:

  • immediacy
  • of comfort of use
  • accessibility

Chat customer support has the advantage of being able to supplement or be combined with other customer service channels. Compared to other traditional contact channels, chat or online messaging is a cheaper and more engaging alternative. An excellent marketing tool, this live email service, used as part of the management of its customer relationship, is an effective way to:

  • Respond to live and real-time customer queries
  • Affirm and confirm its constant availability towards its customers
  • Reassure customers and humanize interaction
  • Give them an ever better customer experience

To avoid a train late, more and more companies are starting to make a chat service available to their customers. Business and Services Solution, as a multichannel offshore contact center, has been offering outsourced chat services since 2012 and is positioned as a service provider of choice to help its partners set up an outsourced management of the customer relationship deployed around the modern digital channels

BSS Outsourced Chat Platforms: Flexible Solutions

At BS-Solution, we offer different options for all types of websites and mobile applications. Depending on your specific needs, you will have the opportunity to deploy and combine solutions of:

  • Proactive Chat, Live Chat or Click to Chat: Allow you to engage the customer directly via a pop-up window, the chat can be deployed as part of a customer service support and support simply to increase the conversion rate and satisfaction of your customers.
  • Responsive Chat: Less intrusive, this feature allows the user to contact the brand on their own.
  • Community Chat or Community Messaging: to build customer loyalty and conversion. It's about creating a community around your products and services. This is a feature that gives your prospects and your most loyal customers the opportunity to interact about your offers and your brand in a dedicated space.

Flexible and configurable according to your needs and your requirements, BSS outsourced chat management services will allow you to have conversational tools that are efficient, easy to use and above all very flexible.

Our Outsourced Chat Support Solutions: Benefits

360 ° multichannel management of your customer service is essential for the success of your brand in winning new customers, gaining loyalty and supporting them in their decisions. Outsourcing the management of your customer support platforms by chat with BSS will allow you to:

  1. Benefit from the business expertise of an offshore contact center specialized in multichannel, multiservice and multilingual customer services
  2. Take advantage of the know-how of: our available advisors to provide your customers with a personalized service and assistance, informing them and advising them in an optimal way.
  3. Optimize your operating costs
  4. Avoid investing in the infrastructure and staff needed to set up a customer support service by chat
  5. To have a channel favored by customers for its practicality
  6. Easy and comfortable to use thanks to simple and easy-to-use interfaces Flexible and customizable chat support features and services
  7. Flexible and customizable chat support features and services
  8. To increase customer satisfaction by providing and a service available 24/24 and 7/7
  9. To offer a unique and personalized customer experience via a channel adapted to their personal habits
  10. Increase customer loyalty and establish a lasting and close relationship
  11. To reassure your customers and prospects by offering a more humanized customer service
  12. Increase the conversion rate of your prospects
  13. To increase your sales and boost your e-reputation
  14. Get a better understanding of your customers, their needs and expectations thanks to the chat conversation history
  15. Better measure the satisfaction, retention and loyalty of your customers
  16. Easier to personalize your product and service offering by analyzing customer verbatim generated by chat exchanges

BSS: the expert outsourcer in multichannel management

As a strategic partner of choice, we assist our clients in the implementation of a current management of their customer relationship that is intended to be perfectly suited to the personal uses of customers and this, through our multichannel digital contact platforms , multiservices and multilingual. At BSS, we support our partners in the deployment of multi-channel customer relationship management by helping them formulate optimal solutions to assist their customers throughout their purchasing journey and offer them the opportunity to deliver:

  • an exceptional customer experience
  • seamlessly on all modern digital channels,
  • consistently deployed and fully integrated with a global multichannel management strategy for the outsourced customer relationship

More suited to contemporary uses and current customer needs; the chat solutions offered by our offshore contact center are perfectly integrated in the process of modernizing customer relationship management in the current context of digitalization. Access all of our outsourced customer service offerings, let us know the details of your customer service outsourcing projects and quickly get a personalized quote!