Essential for a commercial activity, purchase order entry, heavy task often assigned to salespeople is a source of time and energy losses without real added value for your brand.

Outsourcing order entry and all business administration activities to an offshore provider specialized in remote customer relationship management will relieve your sales people and your company of potentially unproductive and costly operations.

In addition to order entry, other outsourced back-office services are offered by business and services solutions :

• Preparation and quotes submission

• Entering and saving orders

• Dematerialization of documents

• Audio transcription

• Reminders of payments

• Administration, monitoring and management of client files

Such an organization will lighten your sales people as well as your business of a polluting and unproductive load, which will allow you to focus your efforts on your main income.

It is our duty to assist you in implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your company and guarantee you a successful offshore outsourcing in line with your objectives.