Customer relationship management in e-commerce

E-commerce – electronic commerce - is one of the most advanced marketing strategies adapted to today's technology. BS-solutions as a provider in the field of outsourced call centers, develops several remote services that aim to improve the management of the customer relationship.

1. Services at your fingertips

It is important to note that the services provided by the various contact centers today facilitate access to information and improve the relationship between service providers and their targets. This is therefore an important method of customer loyalty and proxy for new prospects.

2. What are the benefits of e-commerce?

The most important benefit of e-commerce is lower marketing costs versus a clear increase in profits. The easy access to information is a particularity that no one can neglect for a more and more demanding clientele. This therefore replicates offshore outsourcing based on performance.

3. Provided services

BS-Solutions offers several solutions in the remote commerce sector such as :

  • Chat support
  • Technical support
  • Processing emails
  • After Sales Service (SAV)
  • Making appointments
  • Order tracking
Customer relationship management in e-commerce