Activity Guide

Activity Guide

The presentation deals with the operating mode of business conduct of a company with mobile forces that must intervene in the field as part of a home service (installation, troubleshooting, etc.)

The business and services solutions activity offering is aimed at all companies, SMEs and Key Accounts, with field workers led by an operational unit, whether they are technicians, auditors / inspectors, drivers / deliverers, commercials .

Whatever your sector of activity and the type of services you perform (after-sales service, preventive maintenance, control, etc.), BSS's AC offer enables you to more effectively manage the interventions of your field workers and ensures in real time management of the workload of the teams, the progress of the processing of Tickets until their closure, customer and partner complaints and after sales.

Thanks to the expertise of Business and services solutions in customer relations, your customers and principals will be better assisted and oriented, the schedules of your technicians are optimized and the risks of failures are minimized.

Activity Guide

Business Process & Force Management Mobile

Organizational Structure of an Activity Conduct

Activity Guide :

  • CA Level 1 : Composed respectively by agents (N1), responsible for receiving customer requests, scheduling appointments, escalating customer complaints, welcoming and referring customers, confirming appointments, the technical assistance and the placement of the interventions on the plans of expenses of the technicians etc.
  • Technical support : Composed by support technicians with the necessary qualifications to solve the level 1 customer malfunctions,
  • CA Level 2 : Composed by agents (N2) who are in charge of the management of load plan unavailability and route optimization etc., the cell level is a real support for local agencies
  • The vigil of the KOs : composed by agents having technical knowledge and in charge of the control, closing and the hot restart of the interventions in failure as well as the analysis of the failures.
  • Customer complaint cell : In charge of the collection and processing of customer complaints

Mobile Force Management & Spatio-temporal Optimization

Our mission is to ensure, in real time, the management of the workload of the teams, the follow-up of the activity of the technicians, the salesmen and / or the deliverers, and the progress of the treatment of the Order of Work, until closing and after sale

Activity Guide

the activity is continuously optimized: real-time management of appointments, insertion of new events, update of schedules, emergency management ... For optimum efficiency, the activity is fully modeled: beyond the geographic optimization (route calculation), customer constraints, resources and skills are managed

Mission Vigie des échecs

Interventions closed in check sometimes weigh very heavily on the losses suffered by companies in the field benefits sector, only some remain recoverable if an effective and hot treatment is performed.

Control, closure and warm restart of failed interventions

The team dedicated to the control and closure of the failures has for objective to validate the diagnosis of the intervener, the cause of not success of the intervention and to resume a RDV with hot taking into account the cause of the failures of the initial intervention.

Failure Analysis:

The purpose of the failure analysis is to identify nonconformities that cause the service to be unsuccessful, to define responsibilities, to identify anomalies and to set up action plans.


The schematization of the conduct of activity aims to distinguish the activities generating value.

These activities are essentially those of the provision of services offered to customers from the first contact (Customer Service), to the completion of the intervention and after-sales service.

If one of the links in this chain does not work properly, the risk of the failure of the service is important, hence customer dissatisfaction.