File Qualification

File Qualification: Trust Our Experts

The ability to run up-to-date, high-quality databases and client files is essential for any business that wants to grow and increase profits.

Entrusting the qualification of your files to a call center is the most efficient way to have relevant data that can be used consistently and at a lower cost. To benefit from an exploitable customer or prospect database and to better refine the targeting of your various marketing campaigns, prospecting campaigns or your commercial actions, your client files must contain accurate, enriched, complete and relevant information.

Business and Services Solutions, expert call center for offshore telemarketing services, supports you through its outsourced file qualification service offering in the realization of all your strategic objectives to develop your business, generate, convert and more leads.

What is the client file qualification?

  • Collect a certain amount of information about customers or prospects in the case of building customer files or prospect databases
  • Check whether the information collected is accurate, valid and up-to-date in the event of an update of a customer or prospect database.
  • Correct errors, obsolete data on the file or database at the same time

Qualification of files in call centers is generally done in outgoing calls by qualified and specially trained callers trained to the most demanding standards in terms of quality of customer relationship management.

Qualification of files: Why?

With expertise and expertise in offshore telemarketing services, Business and Services Solutions supports you in the development of your business and helps you to optimize the targeting and conversion of your leads by delivering a qualification service. Customized B to B or B to C files. Whether for:

  • Build a customer or prospect database
  • Update, validate your client files
  • Qualify your company contacts
  • Enrich your customer or prospect data

Our telemarketing and file qualification and telemarketing team at BSS mobilizes all its expertise to help you select the most relevant information to collect depending on the type of file and the nature of the telemarketing campaign that you undertake.

We support all our customers in the implementation of all their telemarketing and file qualification operations by guaranteeing each time an optimal quality of treatment focused on the customer experience and a foolproof operational efficiency to reach and exceed their strategic objectives in terms of performance and growth. Entrusting the qualification of your files to our offshore call center will allow you to:

  • Refine the targeting of your customers and prospects without wasting time or resources
  • Prospect new customers optimally
  • Sell your products or services efficiently to your targets with access to accurate and constantly updated customer information
  • Retain your customers by constantly analyzing their needs, expectations and level of satisfaction

I will not dwell on how to do a client file qualification but why do it?

Prospecting and Qualification of client file

Our expertise: a file qualification in multichannel and multilingual

Our team of expert telesales consultants outsourced guarantees you the best service in the qualification, the enrichment and the management of your databases by delivering each time a quality outsource the management of your customer relationship by entrusting your file qualification operations at our offshore Omni channel call center, you can benefit from:

  • Better knowledge of your customers via the use of several channels: phone, chat, e-mail, SMS
  • Better reachability thanks to a dedicated team 24h / 7d
  • An optimal client approach quality oriented towards customer satisfaction
  • An expanded prospecting field thanks to the ability to set up simultaneous file qualification campaigns in several languages and turned to several countries
  • A single contact platform with the ability to centralize multiple customer relationship activities in a single site
  • A daily and transparent reports reporting daily performance in terms of figures and quality indicators allowing you to better control your B2B or B2C remote file qualification operations according to your requirements and your needs

For more information about our file rating services or to get an online quote please fill out our free application form directly on our website!