The importance of customer feedback
The importance of customer feedback

The importance of customer feedback

BSS 17/04/2018 Various

How to exploit 100 % of the customer feedback?

The preliminary question that should be asked at the beginning is the following : Should we collect 100 % of Feedback? In fact, interviewing a customer sample allows us to know customer perception in general after extrapolating the results. However, this obviously does not understand each of your customers and act accordingly.

When you want to orient the company towards centricity, you have to capture the perception of 100% of your customers in a multichannel and multimedia way. Therefore, as you will be faced with a large number of customers, the most necessary is to industrialize the entire process throughout the chain (which ranges from capture to exploitation of feedback) through analysis and in particular semantic analysis. It is therefore fundamental to have a tool to industrialize the entire process, industrialize the collection of information, industrialize the analysis that is made behind and especially industrialize the exploitation and especially the rebound Ping-Pong part which ensures a return on investment.

It is thanks to this industrialization that you will be able to harvest and exploit 100 % of the client’s Feedback and that you will thus help you to improve the experience and the satisfaction of all your customers.