Tips to make successful sales calls over the phone
Tips to make successful sales calls over the phone

Tips to make successful sales calls over the phone

BSS 28/06/2018 Customer relationship

A successful sales agent on the phone is a true master in building relationships. Your interlocutor only knows your voice. The level of relationship always determines the factual level - emotion drives information. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a level of positive relationship with the customer.

The customer must be able to get an idea

The customer can not touch your products over the phone and cannot see the presentation of your service. An idea, is all the more important that he can have. Even on the phone, a good sales agent has to create images in the mind of his interlocutor by playing on his emotions.

How to attract the consumer’s attention?

Speak the client's language

Listen carefully to the terms used by your interlocutor. If you speak "his language", then he will love you, because he basically hears himself talking. If you talk about a "customer" with an hotelier tone, it will seem unconscionably strange.

Highlight the similarities

People like other people who look like them. The starting points of the similarities are, for example, origins, hobbies, mutual acquaintances or holiday destinations. When the opportunity arises, calmly talk about these similarities. You build another bridge of relationships.

Be attentive before waiting to get the attention

Listen and let the other person finish, even if you think you have something important to say right now. Otherwise, you may miss relevant information for the sales pitch. If you pay attention to the person on the phone, he will usually return it to you.

Ask more questions instead of talking

He, who asks, leads. A good sales agent must realize the effectiveness of this sentence. But it's not just about interviewing. Answers to your questions help you understand your customers. What exactly he wants, how he thinks and feels.

How to sell by phone?

Telephone sales in today's call centers are not the same as those of 10 or 15 years ahead; it has completely varied. The script still exists but the mechanism of triggering sales process has become close to the face-to-face sales one. There can be an appointment in one word as there can be a telephone discussion that lasts an hour or an hour and a half. The telephone demonstration can be extremely sophisticated so it is more appropriate to draw phases that are closer to face-to-face sales than traditional telephone sales.

The voice

The most important point to consider when selling by phone is the importance of the voice. Remember that when we are in face-to-face communication, there are words, voice, and gestures at 55%. By telephone, the voice is fundamental because there is no more physical gesture. On the other hand, there is the smile, the tone ... there are many things that go through the phone but one has to work a lot more on the voice. Today, the voice can make all the difference with the rhythm, the behavioral adaptability regarding the person you have on the telephone, the power of the voice, the speed ... all this must be worked out as one makes actors work to go on stage.

 All the work is on the voice of the sales agent and the understanding of the person you have at the other end of the line. We must call upon an intelligence superior to that demanded by a face-to-face sale.

The voice wins on the phone!

What you say affects your audience by only 7%. The most effective phone sales agents are those who have a relaxed voice and a serious, competent and trustworthy manner of speaking.

What is the easiest way to develop an effective voice?

Professionals make recordings of their phone calls ... and listen to them! If you are currently making phone calls, listen to the recording. That's not pleasant in the beginning. Ask yourself: What do I notice? How do I speak? How does my voice sound? How do the conversation partners react to me? When you listen to yourself for a while, you realize what works and what does not. Do this once a week and you will be an above-average telephone speaker.

What are the best exercises for a good phone voice


He, who cannot smile on the phone, should not make a phone call. If you do not feel like smiling; then what? Sit down straight. Lightly glance over the horizon for a minute with your head held high. In this attitude you cannot be stressed. Try it. It really works!

Lowering the voice

It is usually too high and too shrill. Deep and relaxed voices are most effective in telesales. Say 6-7 times the syllable OM. Loud and clear. Try to say the OM longer with each breath. Sounds esoteric but is the simplest and most effective vocal exercise available.

Extend Breaks

Your speech is most affected by your break management. Most take breaks of 0.7 to 1.5 seconds; that is too short. If you want to make conversation partners open, you will take breaks of 3 seconds duration. Count inwardly 21, 22, 23. Use the stopwatch to measure the length of your pauses in your shot. You will be surprised.

More gesturing

Gesticulate on the phone. Your interlocutor cannot see your body language, but he can hear it in the form of a more vivid modulation of your voice. It also encourages you to have a more personalized and authentic way of speaking. That's why I recommend that every sales agent tries to call his clients standing up in case s/he has a low rate of chemistry with his client.