Customer Experience in the Age of Multichannel Services
Customer Experience in the Age of Multichannel Services

Customer Experience in the Age of Multichannel Services

BSS 30/01/2018 Various

For a very long time the brands have said and declared that the customer is considered as a king. Today with multichannel services we are going much further, according to some experts, the client is an omnipotent God. Obviously with a phone and with a computer the customer can interact with brands and companies.

What is a successful customer experience?

A successful experience depends a lot on the positioning of the brand. Obviously when we take an omnichannel service and another single channel one, we will have differences.

Good questions to ask to work on the customer experience

Here we must return to the basics of marketing. One of its bases is positioning and public knowledge; So here the first questions to ask are: Who is my client, my user, my consumer? Once we have answered this question, we have already acquired a good basis for working this experience in a comprehensive way. The second thing to ask is going to be a question about contact points: How will my brand interact with the customer? When will I touch it? When in his day? When in his daily life? And overall what will I bring him in terms of added value.

The best examples of the customer experience

We will take the example of the public brand Nespresso, a small pod that allows you to make a coffee very easily... Beyond that, accessibility has a very important part of the entire Nesspresso experience. To order the Nespresso, the consumer can do it through a Smartphone or a laptop with agents satisfying his needs behind. It is obvious that the consumer is paying more for the ease of acquiring a product today, but today we are dealing with customers who are willing to pay for a richer experience with the brands they consume regularly. As far as businesses are concerned, for the costs, making a customer more dependent on the brand and more faithful is also having more heroes at the end of the race.