5 good reasons to integrate Facebook into your sales strategy
5 good reasons to integrate Facebook into your sales strategy

5 good reasons to integrate Facebook into your sales strategy

BSS 11/01/2018 Various

The web is humanizing, the world exchanging information at a crazy speed, and the opportunities for developing its business on a large scale, especially since the arrival of social networks.

Also, with 2 billion active users worldwide and a turnover of more than $ 27 billion in 2017, Facebook has established itself as the most popular and used social system in the world. Today, it is also considered as a tool of choice for any professional who wants to develop his business on the web, increase its reputation and acquire new customers. However, many companies are struggling to find a place in this new ultra-connected world, often overwhelmed by this digital transformation that leaves no room for skepticism and lack of initiative.

Use Facebook to develop your business on the web and increase your notoriety

Here are 5 good reasons for you to integrate Facebook into your strategic marketing online.

Differentiate yourself from the competition: Only 36% of French companies are present on social networks, placing France 23rd in Europe, behind Norway or Malta, according to figures from Eurostat 2017.

Often, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, and what your neighbor or competitor decides not to do is not necessarily the trend to follow. Also, post your difference, be at the forefront of the trend and bet on Facebook for your business.

Create an interactive window for your business

Today, owning a showcase site is not enough to boost the business of a company. Of course, it is easier to find your business on the web by having a functional website and well referenced on search engines. Nevertheless, it is clear that the passivity of a showcase site remains an undeniable brake to the development of its activity on the web. Facebook Comments Plugin Facebook, facilitate interaction with your potential customers and best suited to your activities, because Facebook is a platform in perpetual motion.

Master your e-reputation

As you know, the benefits are countless when it comes to taking back the reins of your digital identity. The results of a Google search on your business weigh heavily on the image as on doing it. That's why it's important to follow your SEO and Facebook is an ally of choice in this regard. Indeed, a Facebook page will be indexed easily and quickly on Google, which optimizes your best 1st page of results.

Make your products and services known to as many people as possible

Like Google, it is possible to use Facebook as a promotional tool, thanks to its targeting options as well as effective.

By properly targeting the traffic you make and using Facebook ads campaigns, you will put the odds on your side to acquire new customers and increase your sales volume.

Make your audience true ambassadors for your brand

By giving your word on Facebook and producing high-value content, you'll be better able to turn your "fans" into enthusiasts.

Building a strong and active community around your brand is one of the key points for the development of this brand. Customers who are in tune with the values ​​of your business will be more likely to plebiscite you and relay your content on the web. A happy customer is a customer who is getting tighter, but is also a customer who shares!