Why outsource your customer care service ?
Why outsource your customer care service ?

Why outsource your customer care service ?

BSS 28/11/2017 Various

Customers are at the heart of a company's business. It is therefore crucial for any company to ensure good customer relationship management in order to retain them and obtain new orders through their recommendations. However, for many small businesses and SMEs*, it is difficult either to free up time to improve the customer experience and the quality of contacts by phone, mail or mail, or to hire one or more employees to take care of this task. The solution is to outsource this service to a customer relationship expert, most often an offshore service provider. It will take over all the management of this activity and will allow the TPE or SME to refocus on its main activity. This measure may be temporary to cope with temporary or permanent work overload in order to develop.

Outsourcing customer relationship: what interest for the company?

The outsourcing of the customer relationship allows entrusting an important activity to an external provider, expert in this field. This decision also improves the customer experience as well as the customer's needs and expectations.

The opportunity to acquire new customers

Human management:  A customer service center does not just work on existing customers. He will also seek new customers. Such an outsourced service allows you to spend more time prospecting (by phone or email), lead detection, management of quotes and orders, etc.

Improved customer service: Advantageous developments Replying to e-mails and phone calls, providing after-sales service, managing social networks, etc. are all crucial but time-consuming tasks for all companies. By outsourcing them to an offshore provider, one or more people will perform these tasks at a lower cost than in your land, allowing the company to invest in other areas to develop.

A better understanding of customer needs: Expertise of the outsourcing professionals of the customer relationship will make it possible to study and analyze the needs of the customers through questionnaires, polls, telephone exchanges, etc. They will be able to detect customer expectations, estimate opportunities to offer additional sales when buying a product or service...

Customer loyalty: Increased experience and optimized customer contact management will automatically lead to loyalty. Once they feel that they are taking the time to respond and listen to them, clients have the feeling of being recognized and will have a tendency to call on the company again. In addition, outsourced customer service will have more time to revive old customers.

The benefits of choosing Business & Services Solutions to outsource customer services:

BS-Solutions is an offshore services company that offers foreign companies the opportunity to outsource certain activities, including customer relationship management. We have at your disposal French, English, Italian, Spanish and German-speaking professionals whose skills are equivalent to or better than native profiles but whose cost for a company is much lower. Indeed, our company is located in Tunisia and is therefore subject to Tunisian laws regarding working time, paid holidays and remuneration. Moreover, we do not charge our clients the sick leave and the paid leave of the persons we make available to them and we commit ourselves to replace them by a person of equivalent level during this period.

With only one or two hours off, our teams can perfectly manage your after-sales services, hotlines, e-mail management, secretarial services, etc. Our experience gained in recent years has allowed us to acquire expertise that we put to the benefit of European companies with total transparency. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our strategies.

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