BSS opts for PCI Compliance
BSS opts for PCI Compliance

BSS opts for PCI Compliance

BSS 09/01/2018 Various

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard that helps entrepreneurs prevent fraud, hacking and other security threats regarding credit card payment.

It is in the favor of any company that accepts credit cards to be certified and compliant with PCI DSS standards. In some countries, non-compliance with PCI may result in the non-authorization of credit card processing (forever) to the submission of significant fines and penalties that may lead to the bankruptcy of your business.

There are a few steps to becoming a compliant PCI:

  • Check that the receipts you provide do not include the expiration date and the last four digits of the user's credit card
  • Set up a self-assessment form: this form must be completed each year. It includes questions about your processes, political procedures and security measures
  • A vulnerability scan should be performed at least quarterly - this network check helps you to see if there is any vulnerability that can lead to loss of cardholder data.

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