Offshore Outsourcing

Call center offshore: the best solution of outsourcing in 2019

2019 is marked by the digitalized customer relationship.

The outsourcing of customer services to offshore call centers continues to progress and it is more than ever confronted with the challenge of digitizing customer interactions in the digital world.

The multiplication of contact channels used by customers who have become hyper-connected, speedy and impatient are all parameters that must be taken into consideration when choosing the offshore call center to which you want to entrust your customer relationship.

Offshore Outsourcing

Digitalization and outsourcing of the customer relationship

With the apparition of new modes of consumption, customers are more and more demanding and turned to digital, companies must proactively integrate a 360-degree digitalization strategy of their customer relationship to meet the current new requirements, responsiveness, quality of a customer progressing in a digitized world. The outsourcing of the customer relationship is exclusively motivated by cost reduction constraints which must now take into account other factors in parallel with the globalized digital transformation.

By giving us the mission of joining our partners in the digital transformation of their customer relations, BSS, has founded the business model of our offshore call center by incorporating the challenges which our partners are facing in the management of their customer relationship in the digital world.

An offshore call center precursor to digitalized customer relations

Digital is transforming the traditional codes and models on which management relationship has Longley been based. Aware of this change and the accelerated rhythm at which digitization is dominating the full range of customer relations, in BSS we have developed an innovative support strategy aimed at creating a unique digital customer experience.

As a multilingual and multichannel call center expert in remote relationship management, at BSS, we adopted, from our inception in 2012, an avant-garde strategy integrating the current issues of customer relations in the era of digital.

As an offshore call center, expert in digitalization of customer relationship management, we place digital at the heart of the outsourcing solutions that we offer daily to our customers.

Multilingual customer services via various digital channels

In order to meet the expectations of our multinational clients and to integrate the challenges inherent in our partners' internationalization projects into our innovative outsourcing solutions, we have undertaken, alongside a multiservice and multichannel approach, to provide them with another powerful differentiation criterion to guarantee a unique customer experience: a multilingual customer relationship.

Committed to enriching the customer experience delivered by our partner brands, at BSS we have focused our recruitment, training and technological architecture on the need to be able to deliver customer relationship management services via various digital channels but also in many languages.

In our multiservice and multilingual offshore call center, our teams of operators and relationship management consultants are trained to handle customer requests from various channels in 12 different languages to help you stay even closer to all your customers but especially to establish a close customer relationship regardless of your location.

The human being at the heart of your outsourced customer relationship digitalization strategy

The customer relationship is digitized but not at the expense of human interaction. At BSS, our outsourced customer relationship digitalization solutions are specifically designed and adapted to strengthen human interactions, establish a relationship of respect, trust and sustainability with customers.

Thanks to simultaneous presence on various digital channels, a multilingual support of customer requests, a consistently proven quality of service, an extended service offering with new differentiating services as well as a constant availability on all channels 24h / 24, 7/7 and 365 days a year, BSS is positioned as an offshore call center that places the customer experience and therefore the human being at the center of its concerns.

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