Outsourcing call center :

In a highly competitive environment, managing and maintaining a lasting relationship with customers is more fundamental than increasing the company's stock. By establishing the efficiency of offshore customer service, as well as the key issue are a support center for the growth and sustainability of services. Outsourcing the offshore call center allows for better response to customer needs.

BS-Solutions is an outsourced call center based in Tunis with diversified client of sectorial activities.

Our strengths

• Permanent Joignability

• Digital customer recognition

• Quick response

• Increased marketing leverage

The importance of outsourcing call center

The offshore call center is the most appropriate to develop the human and technical skills to give an effective and efficient treatment of customer contact while establishing a relationship of trust between the two parties.

The goal of outsourcing the customer relationship is to have the right customer support, namely customer loyalty with the minimum of cost.

Our assets

• The most suitable technology: BS-solutions uses the latest technology adapted to your needs to ensure service continuity.

• Innovation: As an expert in the outsourcing of contact centers, BS-solutions invites its employees to innovate according to the customer's needs. We examine the peculiarity of each service and analyze the assumptions of all decisions to arrive at effective solutions that act in favor of your position in the market.

Outsourcing call center